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November 2019 Newsletter – Arnolds Creek Reserve Enhanced with a New Play Space


07 Nov 2019

November 2019

The November Newsletter from adventure+ features numerous interesting articles and project highlights.

Project Highlight: Arnolds Creek Reserve enhanced with a new play space

As part of the 8.4 hectare Arnolds Creek Recreation Reserve, this new play space was beautifully designed using an attractive combination of steel and timber.

With community consultation at the heart of the project, a range of engaging and all abilities equipment was included in the space.

Project Highlight: Play equipment to suit smaller play spaces

Small parks that are dotted around our neighbourhoods are important to communities.

While they are normally allocated smaller budgets and have less space, they don’t have to be boring!

If you’re looking for equipment to put into a small play space, check our huge range of steel, timber and rope equipment.

Play Knowledge: Playground standard impact area & free space guide

Often a lack of understanding around playground standards leads to difficulties in the construction stage that are both costly and a waste of time.

Understanding the basics around impact areas and free space is critical when placing equipment in a project plan at design stage.

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