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Top 5 School Playground Ideas

Coming up with a fantastic playground idea for your school is no easy feat, which is why adventure+ work with you collaboratively to come up with the best solution packed with play opportunities.

Research has shown that high quality play and exercise at recess has multiple benefits for school children, from their emotional well-being through to their muscle development.

But we hardly need research to tell us that there is a positive link between exercise and physical health, cognitive ability, and resilience. Even adults feel better after spending time in the sun being active.

However, if we wish to tackle the challenges besetting children today, such as childhood obesity and higher stress levels, then it’s important to carefully choose and customise your playground design.

adventure+ take the time to understand your school’s needs to develop unique playgrounds that add exceptional value. For a taste of our capabilities, here are just 5 playgrounds ideas that could be put into action right now.

Playground Idea #1 Contemporary steel playground

  • This type of playground suits a wide range of interests and ages and keeps children active during recess and lunch times. The steel playground is a common sight in schools because of its high play value and often colourful style.
  • While many steel playground are brightly coloured, they don’t have to be. At adventure+, we allow our clients to select their colour palette themselves. So, if a natural feel is desired, we can make that work!
  • These playgrounds offer a whole-body workout as well cognitive development opportunities. We try to incorporate activities that work out both the upper and lower body as well as the mind through problem solving.
  • The beauty of a steel playground is the ease of maintenance and its longevity. Typically, they last for around 15 to 20 years.
  • Steel playgrounds can be configured to suit your budget and site.

Playground Idea #2 – Natural timber playground

  • adventure+ have decades of experience in creating natural playgrounds that seamlessly integrate play components.
  • Natural elements connect children with nature and provide much needed therapeutic benefits like stress relief.
  • This playground integrates well into nature spots through the use of timber.
  • The inclusion of rocks, planting, and/or water features is a great way to add nature play opportunities with aesthetic value.
  • Can be configured to suit your budget and site shape.

Playground Idea #3 – Ninja course and rope combination

  • Ninja and rope combinations includes both a Ninja Course and a rope structure, along with a multi-user rocker and trampoline.
  • A Ninja Course is a fantastic way to get students moving and can also serve as an activity in PE lessons.
  • The inclusion of a rope structure is a great way to optimise on vertical space and offer a break-out space for socialising.
  • Rubber paths and mulch provide an easy and cost-effective way to access play components.
  • The rope and ninja course combination is a great choice for senior children, especially if you want your playground to be enjoyed by the entire community.

Playground Idea #4 – Rope play structure challenge

  • Looking for something different to the traditional style school playground? A rope play structure is a great option, thanks to its immediate “wow” factor.
  • Our modular rope structures are more low-level rope structures, while the centre mast and steel frame structures can extend up to 8 metres tall.
  • Only rope structures give children the opportunity to climb freely and safely, utilising both upper and body strength, and problem-solving skills.
  • It’s often remarked how these rope structures promote social interaction between students, especially among the older year levels.

Playground Idea #5 – Inclusive playground for everyone

  • If your school wishes to cater for all children, from active children through to children with limited mobility, then why not add inclusive elements to your playground?
  • When we design inclusive playgrounds for schools, we carefully configure the playground for all ages and abilities. For example, we often incorporate ramps into playgrounds, so that children with limited abilities can get amongst their friends.
  • We also incorporate upper body development through things like monkey bars that are open to a wide range of abilities.
  • We can also accommodate vision impaired or deaf children. Each have different requirements but we can make a playground suit.

We Take Play Seriously

adventure+ work directly with schools to design and install the most engaging playgrounds possible. Call us today on 1300 237 587 to talk about your project.

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