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Understanding Playground Customisation

What Is Playground Customisation?

Whether you’re designing a new play space from scratch or working on a playground upgrade, customisation could help you to keep costs and timeframes down while still achieving a unique, high-value result.

Many hear the word customisation when involved in building a playground, but often don’t fully understand what customisation means in this context, and therefore don’t grasp the considerable advantages.

Customisation is a more affordable alternative to a completely bespoke playground and allows for the kind of creative freedom and flexibility you won’t get with “off the shelf” play equipment. In this blog, we’ll break down exactly what we mean when we talk about customised playgrounds and explain how this approach benefits all stakeholders, from landscape architects and developers to children and communities.

When you’re designing a playground, there are three basic options regarding your design approach: bespoke, off the shelf, and customised.

Bespoke Playgrounds

In a bespoke playground, every piece of equipment is designed and manufactured specifically for that project. This method can yield some beautiful, one-of-a-kind results and allows the designer or architect to stamp their own vision across every inch. However, it is unavoidably expensive, time-consuming, and requires a far greater level of planning and attention to detail at every stage.

Off the Shelf Playgrounds

Off the shelf playgrounds are composed entirely of ready-made components and often come as a set. This is more affordable than going the bespoke route, but your creative input will be severely limited, along with your ability to deliver something original and eye-catching.

Customised Playgrounds

Customised playgrounds use a catalogue of standard components that can be modified and reconfigured to create original play spaces. This is commonly referred to as a modular system and works in much the same way as a Lego set, which uses a basic set of blocks along with a handful of accent pieces to create any number of wildly disparate and highly imaginative settings.

Benefits of Customisation?

A customised playground strikes a happy medium between bespoke and off-the-shelf. It is faster and less expensive than bespoke, as most of the parts already exist and do not need to go through the lengthy processes for design, construction, engineering, and auditing. At the same time, it allows for greater flexibility and creative potential than you’ll get with off-the-shelf play equipment.

Customisation Options

With a customised modular system, you can create hundreds of possible play activities with striking aesthetics to suit the unique needs of the community while reflecting the vision of the landscape architect. There are five basic areas in which you can customise your playground:

Materials – Select equipment made of timber, steel, composite, or a combination of these.Layout – Design your playground to fit a chosen area. You can make it higher, wider, or more linear to suit your needs.
Colours – Create a custom colour palette for your playground equipment.
Components – Choose from a variety of roofs, overhead activities, ladders, guard railing, and other components to increase play value and match your aesthetic.
Extras – Use additional cladding, HDPE cut-outs, special guardrails, and picture-perfect panels to bring your unique vision to life.

How Customisation Works with adventure+

At adventure+, we regard every project as a collaboration, and we typically approach projects in one of three ways. For school playgrounds, we visit the proposed site and verbally collect the brief from the client, then go away and design something that fits. When working with landscape architects, we usually start with one of our standard units and then tweak it to match the brief. In other cases, the landscape architect provides ideas accompanied by supporting material like sketches or photographs, and we come up with a design that achieves that vision using our modular system.

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