Commercial playground design process

No matter what your site – large, small, sloping, sunny, shady – we can help with a design that perfectly suits the site and your needs. With a tailored playground, you have a huge choice, rather than being bound by purchasing and installing ‘off the shelf’ equipment and layouts.

Where do I start?

1. Get in touch with us and ask us to help

2. Survey: We visit and assess your site

This is where our consultant assesses the size and any constraints of the site. At this stage, the playground consultant will measure the site, and note any specific site features like slope, trees or roads. If you prefer, you can provide this information to our designers yourself.

3. Consultation: We discuss your individual requirements

We spend time with our clients to work out exactly what they’re looking for and what playground components and styles will suit. We discuss special themes and unique features along with any play element ‘wish lists’. We both select playground elements from our standard range of products as appropriate, and/or where a customised combination unit layout in our spectrum+symmetry+ or pinnacle+ Modular Structures style is required, we select preferred components. Our custom design service is utilised where a particular theme or architectural style is required.

4. Design: We design your playground

Using playground design technology and drawing on a wealth of creative experience, our design staff will develop a concept that meets your criteria and complies with Standards. Our designers take into account the unique site, the design brief, and then provide a solution that takes into account safety, compliance, space, budget or other design constraints. The result? A play space that delights children and gives you the assurance of compliance with Australian Standards.

5. Presentation: We present our design to you

Our proposal will include a presentation dossier with dimensioned plans, full colour, 3D illustrations and detailed specifications.

This is your opportunity to give us any feedback so we can make any adjustments to the design. Once you’re happy with the design, budget and timing, we can take it from there.

6. We manufacture, deliver and/or install

We make sure you have a stress-free experience during the installation. After we have completed the works, we follow up with formal playground registration, operation and maintenance instructions and a complete after-sales service.

Looking for exceptional children’s playground design? Get in touch today by calling our team on 1300 237 587 or email us. We’re here to help you.