pinnacle+ Rope Structures

Rope Playground Equipment

There is a focus on climbing, climbing…and more climbing with the pinnacle+ range of rope structures, and they are available in an amazing array of variations.

Easy to grip, safe to climb, and fun to use, pinnacle+ rope play equipment is not only fun and exciting, but also help to develop motor skills, build strength and improve balance and coordination.

Constructed from robust materials, including the tough, vandal resistant and extra strong wire cored rope, pinnacle+ rope climbing structures are designed to last the distance in a wide variety of situations.

Featuring many non-static play activities, whether it be Steel Frame Structures, Centre Mast Structures, Modular Structures or Suspended Structures, pinnacle+ provides that ‘something different’ look and feel compared to the traditional playground!  Start your rope adventure now!

Commonly known as climbing nets, some of these structures can be customised to suit a configuration that suits your site or budget. Whether a high profile location or in a small pocket park, the nets are a great way to include something different and unique – many completed rope playground equipment projects can be viewed on our site.