spectrum+ max Specifications

Main Uprights
75 x 75mm aluminium with powder coat finish.

Platform Decking
Aluminium sheet with punched dimple pattern and slip resistant powder coat.

Primed and powder coated pre-galvanised sheet steel, corrugated steel sheeting or rotomoulded plastic as specified.

Safety Railing
900mm high guardrail panels on platforms over 500mm.
Primed and powder coated pre-galvanised steel tube or HDPE plastic panels as specified.

27mm O/D pre-galvanised steel tube with primed and powder coated finish.
Supplied at climbing access points as appropriate.
Access ladders include 27mm O/D handgrip integrated in ladder side.

34mm O/D galvanised steel tube with primed and powder coated finish

Play Components
Fabricated from pre-galvanised steel, welds treated with zinc rich primer – primed and powder coated finish.

Heavy duty reinforced fibreglass, rotomoulded plastic or stainless steel as specified.

Primed and powder coated galvanised steel tube with end panels.

Activity Panels
Rotomoulded plastic beads or HDPE plastic sheet panels as appropriate.

Climbing Ropes
Synthetic strands braided over a galvanised steel wire core.

Vandal resistant 316 stainless steel fasteners.

Concrete to a minimum depth of 500mm with earth hard packed to mouth of hole.

Powder Coat Primer Layer
A zinc rich powder coat primer base layer is applied to all galvanised steel components.