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Park Playground Redevelopment for Local Councils and Government

Playground equipment for local governments

Community playgrounds in urban settings, parks and neighbourhoods do so much more than just entice kids to run, play and be active. They encourage the development of important life skills, attitudes and habits. When children spend time in a playground, they learn through interaction with other kids. This interaction with children from different backgrounds and abilities provides them with a more open view of the world and the opportunity to build new bonds.

As a trusted provider of council playground equipment for park redevelopment projects, adventure+ understands the importance of your local council playgrounds. With over 35 years of industry-leading playground equipment design and engineering, we will help you create play environments where children can develop and have fun at the same time.


A Playground for Everyone

A great playground will complement a community's unique personality and become a destination for both locals and visitors. adventure+ has over 35 years of experience working with councils and local governments across Australia, providing playground equipment that spark children’s imagination and increases community engagement. Through continuous planning and research, we constantly come up with solutions to make the play experience valuable for everyone.

Whether you’re a landscape architect, a project leader or a maintenance manager, we have an extensive range of playground equipment for your community playground. From traditional slides and swing sets to modern play units complete with rope structures and towers, you’ll find fun and exciting solutions for children of all ages and abilities that help increase engagement within your community today and for years to come.

Why adventure+

  • Experience

You have the certainty of knowing you are dealing with a well-established local company with a proven track record for creating beautiful and durable playground equipment for local councils.

  • Customised design playgrounds:

We design unique customised playgrounds to suit your local development needs.

  • Choice

From timber playground equipment to rope climbing structures, steel play equipment to outdoor fitness equipment, we have all your local government playground equipment needs covered.

  • Durable Australian-made products:

The large majority of our equipment is designed and manufactured here in Australia, using high-quality materials and proven construction methods suited for Australian conditions.

  • Service:

Our strong in-stock position for spare parts means fast turnaround, less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Parks & Playground Planning

A well-designed playground encourages child development through challenging activities, sensory experiences and interactive play. Whether you're updating your council's playground equipment for park redevelopment or you're creating a new destination play space, adventure+ will help you assess your community's needs to create a playground that visitors of all ages and abilities will enjoy.