Cascade Park

adventure+ recently worked with the City of Boroondara to transform the existing Cascade Park playground facilities. Through a process of community consultation and feedback, the project was shaped to suit specific local needs. Existing playground equipment was replaced with new playground equipment to create an atmosphere that is more fun and engaging for children of all ages.

The challenging playground is segmented into different areas with the first part called ‘The Lookout.’ This section looks onto ‘The Boat’ playground area and is designed to suit children aged between four and eight years. It includes exciting activities like a rock wall, scramble net and monkey bar, with the ability to look through binoculars onto the other section, resembling a real-life lookout with opportunities for theme play. ‘The Boat’ section is suited to a wide range of ages, replicating the hull, mast and steering wheel of a ship. Constructed from the spectrum+ hybrid system, it is made from a combination of steel and timber, ensuring durability for many years of enjoyment.

Cascade Park

Our products utilised in this play space include:

It is always an absolute pleasure working with all of the staff at adventure+, from design, construction, accounts and ongoing maintenance perspectives

Amy Cumming, City of Casey