Clarinda Park Estate – Stage 12

adventure+ worked with Beveridge Williams & Co to create the play space at Clarinda Estate – Stage 12. This space includes a huge range of playground equipment, including an all new Suspended Structure, Modular Structure, tribox+ play unit and much more!

The Curve Suspended Structure is a centrepiece at the park. These are well known in both local communities and the global playground industry because of their complex engineering and eye catching design. They incorporate flat net areas for lounging, twisted and vertical net areas for a climbing challenge, along with membrane rubber ‘slides’ and sitting areas, balancing pommels and other challenging activities.

The tribox+ play unit and modular rope structure also not only look great, but provide a real play challenge for users. Complemented by with a swing frame and a 25 metre long flying fox, this park includes everything needed to keep children and parents engaged and happy!

Clarinda Park Estate – Stage 12

Our products utilised in this play space include:

adventure+ offered the trifecta of local content, price competitiveness and customised elements.

Karoline Klein, City of Greater Bendigo