East Brisbane State School

The playground installed at East Brisbane State School is a unique, creative space created for the junior students. adventure+ worked closely with the school to bring their vision of a boat themed playground to life. The main requirement for the school was to create a unique playground that differed from other schools in the area and engaged the children.

The playground is constructed using the symmetry+ system which utilises White Cypress timber as the main structural element. Using timber was the perfect choice as it makes the boat look realistic and allowed for easy customisation and flexibility in the design.

Our design team carefully thought about access on and off the boat. The tunnel slide off the back is a great escape route from imaginary pirates and the rock wall and net bridge make embarking the boat extra fun.

The school is delighted with the playground and the fact that the finished product met all the desired requirements.

East Brisbane State School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

Our overall experience with adventure+ was positive and effective and the final product speaks for itself in regards to quality and design detail and I feel it will be a welcomed asset to the residents.

Jordon Bennett, Colac Otway Shire Council