Elgar Park

The playground at Elgar Park in Mont Albert North is unmistakably a train. It’s got everything – funnel, carriages, station platforms and train tracks. A themed based playground like this one at Elgar Park is great for imaginative play and also provides extensive physical play value as well.

The client, City of Whitehorse, saw it critical to provide for both senior and junior children in the playground design. To accommodate this request, adventure+ designed two different train play units – one for juniors with low and easily accessible play activities and a more challenging unit for seniors that includes numerous overhead activities such as monkey bars.

Numerous special elements were included in the space to emphasise the theme, such as rubber paths with train track markings weaving throughout the space to a replicated train station platform. The selection of bright colours and the use of some timber gives the space its inviting feel.

Elgar Park

Our products utilised in this play space include:

adventure+ offered the trifecta of local content, price competitiveness and customised elements.

Karoline Klein, City of Greater Bendigo