Firbank Grammar School

The upgraded playground at Firbank Grammar School is packed with fun and challenging activities that provide developmental opportunities for all ages. The layout was specially designed to fit the unique site shape and works well to create a continuous flow from one activity to another. Items such as the monkey bar and track ride are not only favourites that keep students occupied right through recess and lunch times, but also foster physical development.

A pinnacle+ modular rope structure is included in the school playground and is something ‘different’ that provides a unique climbing and balancing activity that other traditional equipment doesn’t offer.

Special effort was put into making sure that the playground looked interesting. This was achieved with a unique colour scheme consisting of greens and blue, as well as timber panelling.

Firbank Grammar School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

From initial design to installation was easy. The installers were fantastic, helpful, reliable and completed the job by leaving the site clean, neat and looking great.

Cairns Regional Council