Hadspen Bull Run Reserve

The Hadspen Bull Run Reserve playground is an excellent example of a community playground that suits everyone! Located within the Meander Valley Council in Tasmania, the park is a central hangout for the community in Hadspen.




The vast range of equipment within the park is what makes this playground so special. There is something for all ages and interests, with a play unit, flying fox, multi-user rocker, wheelchair carousel, swings, single rocker, interactive panels, and a fitness station. While there is plenty for children, the fitness station also provides for the older demographic that may be minding the children on the playground, or doing their morning workout.

Having the playground accessible was an important feature in the brief provided to adventure+. To reflect this, our design team included rubber paths for access through the playground, with access to low-level interactive panels and a wheelchair carousel.

With our serious approach to play, we always aim to make our playground designs engaging and enjoyable. But, making the playground attractive is also essential. Selecting a modern colour scheme, as well as a play panel with an engraved bull image, makes the playground enticing, and ties the design to the name of the park.

Hadspen Bull Run Reserve

Our products utilised in this play space include:

adventure+ offered the trifecta of local content, price competitiveness and customised elements.

Karoline Klein, City of Greater Bendigo