Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School has had a long-standing relationship with adventure+, working together on many playground replacements in the school grounds over the years. Recently the school approached adventure+ to redevelop old and tired play spaces in their primary school. These playgrounds include extensive landscaping work and customised playground equipment completed by adventure+ in conjunction with landscape architect and project manager Park and Playspace. While both stages presented unique challenges, including working in the restricted space available, the outcome is excellent. This project is sure to inspire other schools and landscape designers to develop spaces that enable children to connect with nature, play imaginatively and connect with each other socially.

Stage 1

The playground equipment included in Stage 1 is several customised symmetry+ cubby house play units, as well as a range of fun and fitness activities. While the landscape scope wasn’t as extensive as stage 2, the project did include designing and constructing the entire space, including garden beds, paths, undersurfacing, rocks and a sand pit.

Stage 2

Stage 2 involved the redevelopment of an approximately 500m2 play space. adventure+ completed everything in the space from the design and construction of the hardscape (paths, stairs, retaining walls), soft landscape works (planting) and of course, a range of customised playground equipment. Utilising symmetry+ timber playground equipment throughout the space created the desired natural look that complements the historic character of the school buildings. As well as the timber playground equipment, the school selected a pinnacle+ rope modular structure to provide a different and challenging play option for the students.

Being the main access to a section of the school, it was critical that the design accounted for traffic flow in addition to being a fun and exciting space. Constructed over the 2017 Christmas holiday period, the playground upgrade was completed on budget and in time for the students to enjoy when they returned.

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

  • symmetry+ special design junior primary school play units View Product
  • pinnacle+ special design Modular Structure View Product
  • Asento Global Bench Seats – In ground – 1.8m long

The playground has turned out even better than I imagined! I’m also very grateful to the team who pulled out all the stops and got the project completed before the start of term 2.

Judith Wood, Belair Primary School