Lucas Central Park

The recently completed playground at Lucas Central Park is one of the largest and exciting playgrounds near Ballarat, Victoria. Located at the centre of the newly developed Lucas Estate, this playground is not only an impressive landmark at the estate, but also is a necessary facility for a thriving and healthy community.



At adventure+ we take play seriously, so we ensure playgrounds like the Lucas Central Playground provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for all children and parents that visit. A well designed playground can have enormous benefits for a child’s physical and mental well being and our designers worked to maximise this.

The incorporation of a huge double tower with a variety of climbing elements is challenging and promotes a lot of physical exercise! The number of activities, especially climbing, provide a cardio and full body workout for the children.

While some youngsters may find climbing up the 7 metre high towers a thrill, many have to overcome fear and getting out of their comfort zone, which has huge developmental benefits. The towers are made up of a maze of staircases and platforms, and require children to work together and take turns to navigate through the towers, which teaches social awareness and sharing.

One of the many advantages of working with adventure+ is ability to customise playgrounds to make them unique and eye catching. For the Lucas Central Playground, we worked closely with all stakeholders to customise the configuration, colours and materials to achieve an outcome that reflected the developers vision.

The new park has been a huge success and has created a massive attraction for the community in Ballarat.

Lucas Central Park

Our products utilised in this play space include:

adventure+ offered the trifecta of local content, price competitiveness and customised elements.

Karoline Klein, City of Greater Bendigo