Meridian Stage 13 Estate

Ticking all the right design boxes in one play space is often hard to achieve, but Meridian Estate Stage 13 Reserve is an excellent example of a play space that has. Not much is missing from the unique and super attractive playground. With scramble nets, a tunnel slide, swings, and a double flying fox, this is a play space that children and families will enjoy for years to come.

Located in the heart of the beautiful new Meridian Estate, the developer, Brown Property Group wanted to ensure that is was not just another ordinary playground and that it was an attractive feature, not only a fun place to play. In response to the architect’s vision, adventure+ came up with many ideas to fulfil these requirements. The main feature is the use of angled uprights. Typically playground uprights are vertical, but in this project some of the uprights were set at an angle, adding perspective and creating a point of difference.

The use of colour was another significant design element. The decision to add pops of orange to the mostly blue playground has well paid off. It gives the playground a very modern and quirky feel and makes it an appealing architectural statement in this beautiful estate.

Building the playground on a mound was also a clever way to add height to the large play structure, and it provides a play element in itself.

Well done to all involved, particularly the landscape architect, Tract Consultants.

Meridian Stage 13 Estate

Our products utilised in this play space include:

  • spectrum+ hybrid special design senior play unit View Product
  • spectrum+ hybrid special design junior play unit View Product
  • pinnacle+ special design modular rope climbing structure structure View Product
  • motion+ Flyway25 Double View Product
  • spectrum+ Community Swing Frame – 2.5m Double View Product

We are delighted with the results and will certainly be teaming with adventure+ on projects in the future.

Fiona Eddleston, SMEC – Australia & New Zealand Division