Merrilands Playspace

Design, detail, and difference were three essential factors crucial to the creating of the Merrilands Playspace. Working closely with Darebin City Council, adventure+ was able to create a playspace that ticked all the right boxes.

Featuring three large play towers that rise above the surrounding neighbourhood, the Merrilands playground is hard to miss. With its bright orange coloured perforated panels and large green rock walls, the desire to play seems to attract everyone. The range of activities available on the playground is truly unique. The clatter bridge, catwalk, vertical net, slides, fireman’s pole, and monkey bar, to name a few, create hours of endless fun for all children. The playspace suits the needs of everyone and stands out with a difference, just as the council had requested.

Attention to detail was critical in the design and construction of the playspace. A special request from the council was to be able to create a playground that incorporated the newly planted trees. One tree stood directly in the path of the towers, which created a significant problem. Taking this into account, the team at adventure+ came up with an innovative design that allowed space for the tree in the centre tower. The council was highly impressed.

Merrilands Playspace

Our products utilised in this play space include:

Everyone in the company with whom I had contact was responsive, even when we changed our minds about fifteen times! The work was done very efficiently, on time and on budget.

Phil Dunlop-Moore, Drysdale Primary School