Millars Landing Steamrail Playground

The Steamrail Adventure Playground at Millars Landing is part of a large residential development in North Baldivis, WA. Created with growing families in mind, the development includes numerous playgrounds, parks and family areas all based around the theme of steam trains, water towers and timber milling. The outdoor play equipment boasts two flying foxes, a 12-metre slide, swing sets, a climb-on steam train structure, picnic facilities, kickabout turf areas, robust timber furniture and railway sleepers.

adventure+ took the idea of the landscape architect, which was a simple sketch, and turned it into a practical result. Her idea provided the foundation of the playground design, and the adventure+ team were able to reflect this idea in a way that was economical, standards compliant and required minimal design and installation time. The client’s greatest challenge was finding a company that could accurately make the structure, something adventure+ was able to do.

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Millars Landing Steamrail Playground

Our products utilised in this play space include:

From initial design to installation was easy. The installers were fantastic, helpful, reliable and completed the job by leaving the site clean, neat and looking great.

Cairns Regional Council