Mitchells Run Estate

adventure+ were engaged by Spiire to produce an all ages play space at Mitchells Run Estate that responded to its natural setting and surrounding environment. Bordered by a remnant conservation zone and expansive wetland, the constructed play space was to sit comfortably in and respond to the surrounding landscape.

The play scape design was inspired by this surrounding landscape and the natural forms, tones and materiality experienced within the site.

The landscape architect felt strongly that a play space circled by remnant Red Gums and positioned adjacent to a conservation zone and sprawling wetland must sit seamlessly within its surrounds and complement the natural beauty of the immediate and adjoining environment. The upright form and natural colours of the playground ‘forest’ echo and complement the characteristics and natural charm of the local area, while providing a fun and interactive haven for the community.

Mitchells Run Estate

Our products utilised in this play space include:

The playground has turned out even better than I imagined! I’m also very grateful to the team who pulled out all the stops and got the project completed before the start of term 2.

Judith Wood, Belair Primary School