Newbury Primary School

Newbury Primary School, formally known as Craigieburn North West Primary School, is a newly constructed school. adventure+ worked with Brand Architects to design the play spaces, with the aim to ensure that it suited the architecture of the new school.

One of the most outstanding features of the Newbury Primary School playground is its colours, with the unique colour scheme combining yellow, purple and black giving a very funky, modern look. To add to the desired ‘funky’ look, twisted slat roofs where included in the design. Not only does the playground look great, it also provides a huge amount of play value, especially the huge spiral slide and the high senior climbing activities.

But, that’s not all…also included in this project is a huge and complex pinnacle+ modular rope structure. The jungle of ropes creates a real challenge for the students and the rubber membrane provides a place for them to sit and chat.

Newbury Primary School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

Everyone in the company with whom I had contact was responsive, even when we changed our minds about fifteen times! The work was done very efficiently, on time and on budget.

Phil Dunlop-Moore, Drysdale Primary School