Paloma Park

Paloma Park located in Marangaroo, Western Australia comprises of open grassed ovals and treed parklands with walking tracks throughout. Recognising this park was an ideal location for outdoor fitness equipment, the City of Wanneroo worked with adventure+ to create a fitness space with a variety of functional fitness equipment.

The fitness items all have instructional usage signage and include Parallel Bars, Push Up Bars and a Back Stretching Station for upper body strength, various height Step Ups for cardiovascular and leg muscle development and a non-static Max Health Duo Station 803-4 which includes a Leg Press and Situp Bench. The static items are constructed in our spectrum+ steel style, which is not only built to stand the test of time, but is also customisable to achieve the desired outcome.

Paloma Park

Our products utilised in this play space include:

It is always an absolute pleasure working with all of the staff at adventure+, from design, construction, accounts and ongoing maintenance perspectives

Amy Cumming, City of Casey