Panthers Penrith

adventure+ was excited to partner with the Panthers Group to redevelop their play space at their Entertainment Centre in Penrith. The facility has large numbers through its doors annually, and having occupation for children is important to the club.

While set in a small area, the play structure includes extensive play value, including a high tower with a tunnel slide spiraling down from the top platform and a pinnacle+ modular rope climbing structure joined to the main platform cluster.

The project presented some design challenges, including working within the existing play space and under the existing shade sail. The large spectrum+ play structure was custom designed with smaller low-level play components under the shade sail and the high tower section outside the shade structure.

The end outcome looks vibrant and inviting, and will be an asset to the club for many years to come.

Panthers Penrith

Our products utilised in this play space include:

The playground has turned out even better than I imagined! I’m also very grateful to the team who pulled out all the stops and got the project completed before the start of term 2.

Judith Wood, Belair Primary School