St Claire Estate

adventure+ worked closely with the team at Breese Pitt Dixon to create this playground at St Claires Estate, Wollert, VIC. Together we have created a community playground that has striking aesthetics, and provides everything needed to maximise learning and development outcomes for children of this community.

The variety of equipment included in this playground is remarkable. Without taking up an excessive amount of space we were able to include a wave slide, rock scaling wall, tree climber, balance disc walk, steering wheel and much more, all incorporated into the play unit. The variety and choice of equipment to play on makes it a great playground for all ages and provides enough space and options for everyone without it becoming overcrowded.

Special consideration was taken when deciding on the colour scheme for the playground. The client wanted it vibrant and also requested that it contained some natural elements to blend with the beautiful landscape around. The main elements are brightly coloured yellow, red, orange and blue but by adding the natural stained timber guardrails and dark gray uprights it creates a very appealing combination which perfectly meets the brief. The client and the community were thrilled with the final result.

St Claire Estate

Our products utilised in this play space include:

Everyone in the company with whom I had contact was responsive, even when we changed our minds about fifteen times! The work was done very efficiently, on time and on budget.

Phil Dunlop-Moore, Drysdale Primary School