Tantallon Boulevard Reserve

Tantallon Boulevard Reserve is an excellent example of a community playground that delivers real play value and engagement to residents. It’s the inclusion of good design elements that have been included, like providing for a range of age groups, having a diverse range of play elements and considering developmental outcomes for children that make a successful playground.

The playground is highly attractive with its bright colour scheme and spacious surroundings. The Climbing Cube joined to the play unit consists of bead ropes, chain ladder, rock wall and climbing nets, allowing children to develop their strength, agility and endurance, while having great fun. It is vital for a playground to not only provide fun for the children, but also to be of some benefit to their development both physically and psychologically, and Tantallon Boulevard achieves precisely that.

Well done Cardinia Shire Council for taking play seriously!

Tantallon Boulevard Reserve

Our products utilised in this play space include:

Everyone in the company with whom I had contact was responsive, even when we changed our minds about fifteen times! The work was done very efficiently, on time and on budget.

Phil Dunlop-Moore, Drysdale Primary School