Trijena Stage 6 Reserve

Community playgrounds in urban settings, parks and neighbourhoods do so much more than just entice kids to run, play and be active. They encourage the development of important life skills and habits. Trijena Stage 6 Reserve is a perfect example of a playground that does just that.

The landscape architect Spiire had a goal to create a play space that connected the local community, provided endless fun for local children, and also looked modern and attractive. Together with the team at adventure+, an impressive playground design was finalised, manufactured, and installed that combines over 15 different activities and includes equipment for both junior and senior children.

The large range of activities allows children of all ages to develop many different skills and provides an inspiring place where kids will visit to play again and again. The climbing cube with its vertical net, rock wall and bead ropes provides a challenge for older children and creates the opportunity for positive competition amongst friends, which is vital to building character early in life.

The unique design and landscape architecture has become a destination enjoyed by local families.

Trijena Stage 6 Reserve

Our products utilised in this play space include:

We are delighted with the results and will certainly be teaming with adventure+ on projects in the future.

Fiona Eddleston, SMEC – Australia & New Zealand Division