Woodlea Estate Stage 11

Like the many other stages of Woodlea Estate, the Stage 11 play space is full of interesting and well-designed play activities to be enjoyed by the community. Designed by MDG Landscape Architects, the space features several levels, with different experiences and elements located on each of these levels. Boulders are used extensively throughout the space for retaining and these double up as stepping stones trails around the space.

The play unit was designed to match the architectural style utilised in the previous play spaces in the estate, using timber as the main material, with brightly coloured steel components that add a vibrancy to the area. One of the primary platforms is connected to the rock mounds via a rope bridge, which creates a flow from one challenge to another.

Another favourite part of the space is the large tube slide down an embankment. Extending from a 2.5 metre high platform, the tube slide is about 9 metres long and provides a thrilling experience for kids. The landscape architect requested customised timber guardrails and angled uprights to give a rugged and natural look.

Woodlea Estate Stage 11

Our products utilised in this play space include:

Everyone in the company with whom I had contact was responsive, even when we changed our minds about fifteen times! The work was done very efficiently, on time and on budget.

Phil Dunlop-Moore, Drysdale Primary School