Woodlea Estate Stage 4

When complete, Woodlea Estate will be one of the largest communities in Victoria, with over 7,000 residential lots. adventure+ has worked with MDG Landscape Architects and other stakeholders on almost all of the play spaces in the Estate, from the Woodlea Estate Sales Office up to Stage 7.

What makes Stage 4 so different from many other spaces is the obstacle course for children. Combining freestanding play components, modular rope structures and numerous landscape elements including rubber mounds and stepping stones, an entire circuit of activities has been created. The entire course measures approximately 60 metres long and is surrounded by well landscaped gardens.

Adjacent to the circuit is a custom designed play unit that was relocated from the temporary Estate Sales Office. The unit is constructed in two different timber colours and includes custom elements such as a rope climbing module and blackboard activity panels. Also included in the space is a motion+ Gyro3.0 and two timber double swings.


Woodlea Estate Stage 4

Our products utilised in this play space include:

From initial design to installation was easy. The installers were fantastic, helpful, reliable and completed the job by leaving the site clean, neat and looking great.

Cairns Regional Council