Woodlea Estate Stage 7

Woodlea Estate Stage 7 Play Space is located in Rockbank, Victoria and is one of the many state of the art playgrounds in the newly developed estate. adventure+ was approached by MDG Landscape Architects to create a huge play tower as the centre piece of the park. Two massive slides, both about 10 to 15 metres long start from tower’s peak and extend all the way to the bottom of the mound, crisscrossing each other for an ultimate thrilling experience for children.

Strategically positioned, the structure is not only a distinctive feature of the park that is noticeable from a distance, but also provides a great viewing platform for children to see across the surrounding parkland. The tower is constructed using the spectrum+ hybrid modular system, utilizing steel as the main structural element and narrow timber guardrail infills for a natural look.

The colours selected for the equipment, grey and orange, were used to match the theme throughout the rest of the estate. Complimenting the colours, the rubber undersurfacing beneath the tower was designed in two colour wave configurations, giving a vibrant and exciting feel to the space. Since recently being opened, the play space has proved to be a real favourite with the locals.

This project showcases adventure+’s capabilities as a manufacturer to respond to individual briefs and provide something unique and engaging.

Woodlea Estate Stage 7

Our products utilised in this play space include:

I have worked with adventure+ before in the past and knew that they not only sold off the shelf items of play equipment, but have a lot of experience and success in custom design.

Claire Bottrall, City of Burnside