Zuccoli Aspire Estate

adventure+ worked with Fiona Eddleston from SMEC – Australia & New Zealand Division to develop this huge play space in the Zuccoli Aspire Estate. Located only 25 minutes from Darwin, the Estate will eventually contain over 2,300 homes for more than 6,000 Territorians. To provide affordability, the developer required smaller house lots, placing a greater emphasis on providing public spaces for the community to socialise, exercise and play.

The centrepiece of the play space is a 6 metre high tower that soars above the tree tops, visually indicating where the play space is within overall area. The highest platform provides stunning views across the estate and surrounding bushland. Also included in the space is a 25 metre Double Flyway Flying Fox.

In an interview with adventure+, Fiona Eddleston give her insights into the design of the estate and how adventure+ delivered the results the landscape architect and developer were looking for.

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Zuccoli Aspire Estate

Our products utilised in this play space include:

I have worked with adventure+ before in the past and knew that they not only sold off the shelf items of play equipment, but have a lot of experience and success in custom design.

Claire Bottrall, City of Burnside