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Inclusive play & special needs

Exceptional play opportunities for all children

adventure+ have over 35+ years of experience designing and building Australian playgrounds that provide exceptional play opportunities for all children.

Inclusive and integrated play equipment provide play opportunities for children of all abilities, whether or not they have a total range of sight, hearing or mobility, or special sensory needs.

Accessible playgrounds are customised to incorporate ramps, tailor made play units and equipment, and multi-user elements that enable differently-abled children to explore their limits – and carers to help should the child need it.

Our designers start with inclusive play equipment and then move on to customisation to meet your specific requirements.

Inclusive Play & Special Needs
Inclusive and integrated play equipment provide play opportunities for children of all abilities

Designing inclusive play spaces

adventure+ works with schools, landscape architects to create inclusive play spaces around Australia. This can be from customising a play unit for an inclusive space, as well as providing a design that includes the associated works such as walkways and access.

It’s important to note that an inclusive play space is more than just including a ramp in a playground design. You have to consider for all children, even all visitors that come to the playground.

Customisation is one way we can help you achieve an inclusive playground that your community will be proud of by ensuring the following key requirements are met

Inclusive Play & Special Needs

The process of creating a customised inclusive playground is simple. We provide the design service free of charge.


adventure+ offer accessible and inclusive customisation through:

  • Customised layouts
  • Added walkways, ramps, bridges
  • Play equipment designed for different abilities and ages

The process of creating a customised inclusive playground is simple. Landscape architects typically provide a brief along with a site plan that allows us to create a design that suits the space and requirements. When working with schools, we commonly visit the proposed site of the playground that allows us to assess the site and create a design. We provide the design service free of charge.

Contact a play consultant

Discuss your inclusive play space ideas with a play consultant. Our consultants can provide you with advice and can provide a free of charge inclusive playground design.

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Inclusive & Accessible Equipment

adventure+ have inclusive and accessible playground equipment across our entire product range, including our play units, swings, rockers, carousels, and more.

Inclusive Play & Special Needs
Play Units

Play units are an important part of any playground and small tweaks to a standard playground can help to make it more inclusive.

Some things we design into play units include:

  • Ramps and bridges for easy access
  • Low-level activities
  • Sensory and tactile experiences
  • Colour selection
  • Variety of play types
  • Varied challenges for different age groups
Play panels & sensory play

Play panels offer a simple yet rewarding play experience that develops fine motor skills and play opportunities for children with limited mobility.


Swings provide a sensory experience and develop a child’s vestibular system. Swings also hold therapeutic benefits for children with special needs who enjoy the smooth back-and-forth motion.

Examples of accessible and inclusive needs swings include:

  • Nest swings
  • Gyro swing

Spinning enables children to gain a good sense of body awareness and positively enhance their vestibular system. Children of all abilities can find joy in spinning with inclusive play equipment, and the long-reaching benefits extend to improved left and right brain integration.

Examples of accessible and inclusive carousels include:

  • Galaxy wheelchair spinner
  • Eclipse inclusive carousel
Inclusive Play & Special Needs

Rocking stimulates childrens’ senses, strengthens their core muscles, and provides a calming physical activity that is accessible to most.

Inclusive Playground Equipment for Schools

We develop inclusive playgrounds for schools and other education facilities through a consultative process.

  • We have decades of experience working with special development schools.
  • We cater for students with autism, deafness, blindness, motor coordination disorder, sensory disorders, and limited mobility.
Inclusive Play & Special Needs

Inclusive Community Play Spaces

Councils, community leaders, and passionate local residents have seen the need for improved inclusivity in play spaces all around Australia. Groups like the Everyone Can Play have played an important role in delivering world-class play spaces.

Adventure+ has partnered with many councils and community groups to develop inclusive public playgrounds, including Alice’s play space.

Inclusive Play & Special Needs

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