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Custom designed play equipment

Custom design services

A customised playground design is a playground design that has been purposely configured to suit your specific requirements and brief. It can range from changing the layout to fit a site to including special cladding to give a playground a unique look.

Many conventional companies offer standard playgrounds designs that are fixed and cannot be changed in any way. In contrast, adventure+ uses a modular system playground that enables easy and economical customisation of a playground. In fact, adventure+ does not charge a fee for customised design.

adventure+ can work with you to customise a standard play unit or bring your playground ideas and sketches to life. Want a play unit that resembles a boat, train, farm? Or a playground that includes play activities you want, or even a natural style playground?

Our design experience, broad range of materials and equipment styles, and quality assurance means we can create a solution that matches your site, specific user needs, and design expectations.

We have the ability to create unique play solutions by customising our modular system, while still retaining the benefits of cost effectiveness, timeliness, and standards compliance for our clients.


What can be customised?

Many elements can be customised on a playground design by adventure+

Either start with a standard playground unit or start from scratch, and we’ll customise it to get it just right.

Playground components


We can configure playground components to create a playground layout to suit any site shape or budget. Need to fit into a small space or get it under a specific budget, we’ll design something to suit.

Components or Play Activities

Change play activities to suit your wants or a particular age group. For example, change the type of bridge, or change the style of roof. We have a vast range of components available to help you make your choices.

Additionally, this is an area that can dramatically change the style of a playground. You can swap the guardrails and roofs and the colours and materials to transform a bright colours play unit into a natural timber playground.

Florian Estate Playground

The playground at Florian Estate is a masterpiece of fine architecture and detailed construction. The team at adventure+ worked closely with the landscape architect Thomson Hay & Associates to design this amazing, unique playground.

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Materials & Colours

Change from timber (called our symmetry+ range) to steel (called our spectrum+ range) or to composite or try a mixture of both (our hybrid range).

Colours are a critical part of achieving the look you want. Choose from a massive selection of colours range to match a scheme or give a different feel.


Using a combination of the above, including components, colours, material, and particular cladding elements, we can give a unique look to your playground.

The Grange Reserve

Custom rocket ship has the local community over the moon!

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Why customise a playground?

Customising a playground has many benefits, including:

  • Fit for purpose (e.g., suits the age group)
  • Fit for budget
  • Fits your space or site
  • Unique and architectural appearance
  • Includes play components of your choice

How to customise a playground

It all starts with you. Provide us with your idea, brief, or a standard play unit that you would like tweaked.

Next, we design a playground or tweak a standard play unit. We will provide 3D illustrations, plans & DWGs to help you visualise the outcome.

Lastly, we manufacture and install the playground to your specifications.

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Get in touch with our play consultants to discuss your project and create a tailor-designed playground.

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