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Community playground design process

Steps to creating a community playground

Creating a playground for a local park or destination playground? Playgrounds in our local communities offer children vital opportunities for play and a space for families to come together.

We understand every council and landscape architect has unique policies and systems for play space creation. If you’ve been given the task of redeveloping or designing a playground, we can work with you every step of the way.

Almost every playground we create for a community park is custom designed. We use a modular system that allows you to create the best outcome for your users cost-effectively.

Step 1:
Your Brief, Idea, or a Standard Unit

Start by providing us with a brief or your ideas.

Alternatively, use a standard playground design from our website, which we can tweak to suit your requirements. Layout, components, colours, materials, and cladding are just some of the changes we can make.

To ensure the design suits your site, you can provide us with a site DWG or our sales consultants can perform a site measure.

Step 2:
Customised Design

Using your brief, we will create a playground that is customised to reflect your vision and desired style.

We provide visualisation of the design in 3d illustrations and DWGs for your site plan or community consultation.

Revisions? No problems.

Why customise? See our Customised Design page.

Community Playground Design

Step 3:
Specify & Play

For projects going to a landscape contractor, specify our equipment using the proposal number or description.

Otherwise, start the project by approving the proposal from adventure+. Our streamlined manufacturing and installation systems will ensure it is completed on time and to budget.

Standard Play Equipment

While customisation is a great approach, some play items, like a swing, mound slide or even a basic play unit, may suit your requirements exactly and require no customisation. You can easily specify these products on our website. View our extensive product range, download the DWGs and insert them into your landscape plan.

If, however, small changes need to be made to the product to better suit your project, please get in touch.

Community Playground Design


adventure+ submits tenders with hundred of councils around Australia annually. More often than not, we use our customised approach to ensure the brief is meet and the council get the best outcome.

Email for tender invitations.

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