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Flashing Trampolines

Combine lighting with inground trampolines

Combine lighting with our popular motion+ inground trampoline! This is one of our most significant recent innovations in the world of play! With enormous benefits to children, our flexible lighting technology makes trampolines more popular than ever.

The technology is simple, safe and durable. Small light units are installed within the trampoline mat that activates when a user jumps on the trampoline. The lights can be chosen by colour, or you can opt for an image such as a teddy bear, frog, train, and much more.

Our pre-designed flashing trampoline mats are now available. Choose from our vast range of sizes, colours and designs or alternatively, unleash your creativity and design your own unique mat and lighting configuration.

Flash Trampoline Overview
Flashing Trampolines

How Does it Work?

Little lighting units are installed in the trampoline mat that is activated when children jump on the playground. The kinetic energy created when children use the trampoline is converted into electrical energy by induction which lights up the LED.

This genius product development means that an external power supply or batteries are not required.

The light units can be easily accessed for maintenance or to change the colour of the light.

Inside the trampoline mat
Inside the trampoline mat

FlashTramp Designs

adventure+ offers a vast range of different trampolines with the flashing effect. Either select one of the following designs to suit your play space design or contact us to find out how these can be customised to suit your exact project requirements.

The below motif trampoline mat designs can also be purchased without the lighting effect.

Standard FlashTramp Designs

Flash -Trampoline - Alien

Flash -Trampoline - Boat

Flash Trampoline - Burning House

Flash-Trampoline - Butterfly

Flash- Trampoline - Fire Truck

Flash- Trampoline - Honey Bee

Flash- Trampoline - Pirate

Flash- Trampoline - Police

Flash -Trampoline - Rocket

Flash -Trampoline - Snake

motion+ Trampolines

The adventure+ trampolines are available in a range of shapes, sizes and configurations.

While some trampolines can be placed separately in a play area, some can be abutted to other modules to form a combination.

Trampoline children jumping
Square Trampoline

Click below to find out what standard motion+ trampolines are available. Use these trampolines and add a unique touch by changing the mat design or adding lighting. The options are endless!

Trampoline Play Products

Explore our standard trampoline designs that are available in single modules and in combinations

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