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Custom-Designed Play Spaces

Developers and local government are concluding that their role is now greater than simply delivering a complex or development.

With today’s emphasis on sustainability, they need to offer a sense of place that connects community and drives interest and engagement.

Public space is paramount

Under most planning controls, a private developer is required to provide both public art and adequate public space as part of delivery. With many new developments being designed with smaller lots and increasing numbers of people choosing to live in apartments or smaller homes due to affordability, public space plays a vital role in the wellbeing of the community.

Landscape architects are tasked to create different types of parks and spaces, including clever pocket park designs to regenerate public space in high-density developments. Such designs often feature inclusive play areas and open spaces that provide a welcome respite from smaller homes, a place to take time out and enjoy family time while making new friends.

Custom-designed playgrounds help build relationships and more

Well-designed public spaces have been shown to deliver social value, strengthen relationships between key stakeholders, and offer a clear point of difference to both investors and end users.

Specifically, playgrounds with creative, well-thought-out concepts create a one-of-a-kind experience that serves as a focal point for the community. They become an exciting, welcoming place that families will want to visit regularly. They help children develop important social skills, including leadership and independence. Through the right playground equipment, children can also hone their analytical and problem-solving skills. Clever designs use the natural environment as well as actual playground equipment for a complete sensory experience, keeping children engaged with their surroundings.

Playgrounds can make a huge impact on community health. With ample space to run around and playground equipment to engage with, children can improve their strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Playgrounds, however, are not merely for children. These spaces also help entice adults to get outside and be active. Adding adult fitness features, like a jogging track and appropriate community spaces can encourage adults to lead a more active lifestyle.

Playgrounds can also bring significant economic advantages to their communities by increasing foot traffic on the way to and from their location. Local shops could experience an increase in new customers and repeat purchases. Such foot traffic could lead to more advertising opportunities for local businesses.

Even if it is not built yet, a community playground with a design that features stunning visuals, imaginative themes and innovative equipment can benefit the investors throughout the project’s marketing phase.

Marketing new developments

When developers market projects, visuals play a critical role. A high-quality playground with striking elements offers key visuals, with the opportunity for art to collide with pragmatism, as architectural structural elements work as art in their own right.

An award-winning, well-thought-out and considered playground in a new development offers multiple touch points for PR and marketing, from early community engagement and release of concept drawings to the grand opening and engagement by passers-by. Call it “marketing by stealth”.

Creating a unique sense of place: Yorkdale Central Park

The Costa Property Group, in developing the Yorkdale Estate wanted to clearly differentiate its product from a nearby estate being developed concurrently by another developer.

Through consultation with the landscape architects, Costa Property Group chose to create a difference through the addition of a well-designed customised play space for future residents.

According to the landscape architects on the project:

The client’s expectation for central park was to create a point of difference from other developments in the area…The height and bulk of the tower has a strong presence in the landscape and can be seen in the distance when approaching the park.

Landscape architects

How adventure+ helps

For over 35 years, we have been helping landscape architects and communities create innovative playground adventures for thousands of children in Australia. We have a wealth of knowledge to provide a full range of services, from initial design consultation and specifications to equipment installation, inspections and service. As both designer and manufacturer of our quality playground equipment, we can customise a play space that suits your vision for a community playground and tick all the right boxes.

  • Unique
  • Addresses local environment
  • Economical
  • Standards compliant

For a complete solution, adventure+ can customise equipment to mirror community and estate themes and colours, the developer’s branding, or the area’s heritage. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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