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Designing budget-friendly

adventure+ understands the importance of making playground equipment accessible to everyone in Australia, even those with tight budgets.

A playground is great for children, giving them a space to explore, socialise and let their creativity run wild. We know that creating an action-packed outdoor playground that ticks all the safety boxes, without blowing the budget, can be a real challenge, so let’s jump in and check out some budget-friendly playground solutions that keep quality and safety in the spotlight.

Modular play equipment

When creating a budget-friendly playground, you can’t go past modular playground equipment. These versatile options offer flexibility in design and can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

Modular play equipment can be rearranged or expanded, making it an ideal choice for spaces of varying sizes and budgets. It offers flexibility for different playground ideas, including local outdoor playgrounds in Australia. adventure+ offers an extensive range of modular play equipment, ensuring that you can create a one-of-a-kind playground without exceeding your budget.

Budget-Friendly Playground Solutions Across Australia2

Sustainable & affordable revamped playgrounds

On the lookout for a more economical and budget-conscious playground solution? Give refurbished structures a go. By giving existing playground equipment a new lease on life, you can reduce waste and find a happy middle solution if you don’t have the budget for a totally rejuvenated play space.

While adventure+ does not specialise in refurbished structures, we offer a wide selection of small units and free-standing items. These options can revitalise your existing play space and elevate it. By incorporating additional equipment around your refurbished structure, you can breathe new life into your playground, making it a renewed hit with children whilst keeping your budget in check.

Community-centric fundraising

When funding your playground project, getting the community involved can make all the difference. Launching community fundraising initiatives fosters a sense of pride and ownership among locals and businesses alike. This collaborative approach can create a strong sense of community spirit.

Here at adventure+, we’re here to lend a hand by sharing valuable testimonials and providing visual mockups and images of potential designs. With our support, you can create a budget-friendly playground solution that truly reflects your community’s dreams and aspirations.

Tips for budget-friendly playground projects

1. Prioritise key elements

Carefully planning your budget will let you allocate funds where they matter most. Clarify the must-have components of your playground and invest in quality playground equipment for those areas.

2. Embrace multi-use equipment

Multi-use structures can maximise play value while keeping costs in check. Opt for playground equipment that has multiple functions.

Budget-Friendly Playground Solutions Across Australia3

3. Seek grants and sponsorships

Plenty of organisations are keen to support efforts to enhance community spaces. Dig into available grants and sponsorships that align with your playground project.

4. Rally local volunteers

Involve the local community when brainstorming design ideas and focus on collecting community feedback about other local playgrounds. This can give our designers a solid understanding of your vision and how local parents and guardians want to use your new play equipment.

Release the power of play on a budget

At adventure+, we believe that every child deserves a safe and exciting playground experience. We’re committed to safety, and our focus on affordability means we can turn playground dreams into reality for all our clients.

You’ll be involved in the process: we’ll tailor your playground to fit your exact layout, with a seamless integration and endless playground possibilities.

Reach out to adventure+ online or on 1300 237 587 to learn more about our budget-friendly playground solutions in Australia.

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