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Designing Active Playgrounds to Combat Sedentary Habits

Play Benefits

04 Jan 2024

Designing active playgrounds

In today’s digital age, sedentary habits among Aussies are raising eyebrows. That’s why as a playground equipment supplier, adventure+ tackles this issue and provides playground design ideas that will get your little explorers up and moving in no time.

Packed with exciting features, adventure playgrounds offer a powerful remedy for the digital age’s sedentary slump. At adventure+, we’re experts in creating awesome play equipment spaces that’ll have children bouncing, climbing and gleefully sliding.

Embracing the challenge

We don’t settle for ordinary at adventure+. Designing engaging and fun playgrounds is key to creating a place children will want to visit.

Our range of commercial playground equipment includes exhilarating playground climbing structures, challenging obstacle courses, outdoor playground equipment and balancing equipment that’ll spark their creativity while working up a sweat. These elements aren’t just about fun, they’re about providing children with exciting opportunities to improve their strength, coordination and overall fitness.

Fitness-focused equipment for healthy play

Get ready to kick those sedentary habits to the curb with the incredible lineup of fitness-focused equipment from adventure+.

Our commercial playground equipment features everything from playground climbing structures to circuit courses that’ll get their hearts pumping. Balance beams will test their agility and monkey bars will help to transform them into fearless acrobats.

Our range provides children with the tools they need to develop their motor skills, endurance and flexibility. These play equipment options turn active play into an epic adventure that’ll have children of all ages moving and playing.

Adventure courses for active play

The right kind of playground equipment provides children with opportunities for physical skills, confidence, resilience and problem-solving abilities. adventure+ courses aim to include each of these skills throughout our playgrounds. Our courses typically include elements such as rope structures, balance beams and climbing cubes, creating a sense of excitement and adventure that children of all ages can enjoy and be challenged by.

Combat Sedentary Habits with Active Playgrounds in AU2

Active play and wellbeing

Active play does wonders for children’s physical health, boosting cardiovascular fitness and sharpening coordination and gross motor skills.

Active play fuels social interaction, imagination and cognitive development. As a playground equipment supplier, adventure+ can craft a playground that prioritises active play opportunities whilst paving the way for holistic growth for children of all ages and abilities.

Let’s design a play haven together

If you’re on the hunt for commercial playground equipment that’ll have children ditching their screens and diving into a world of physical activity, our team of experienced designers are ready to embark on this adventure with you. We’ll create an active play environment that suits your space and budget.

Get in touch with adventure+ online or on 1300 237 587 and discuss playground design ideas with your local playground equipment supplier in Australia.

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