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Developmental Benefits of Ninja Playground Equipment

Benefits of a Ninja Course

Playgrounds offer children space to develop important physical, cognitive and social skills through play. There are some new playground equipment ideas that have become popular in recent years; ninja playground equipment and courses being one of them. While some may view these playground design ideas as strictly fun and entertaining, ninja playground equipment has been shown to provide numerous developmental benefits for children. In this blog, the team at adventure + explores the specific ways ninja play can promote childhood development. We also provide some tips on including this kind of play in children’s routines.

Physical benefits

Ninja playground equipment can improve children’s mobility in several ways. Obstacles and challenges presented in ninja playgrounds require children to use their whole body strength, coordination skills and flexibility. Navigating a balance beam or climbing wall requires children to use core muscles and grip strength. These movements, repeated over time, can enhance gross motor skills. As well as these larger movements, children will be required to use their fine motor skills to grip smaller objects, swing across the playground and hang on to equipment. These activities aid in the development of hand-eye coordination and dexterity which can be applied more broadly to tying shoelaces, writing and using scissors.

Developmental Benefits of Ninja Playground Equipment3

Logical thinking

Logical thinking and problem-solving skills are equally important in children’s early development. Ninja and obstacle course playground equipment can assist in developing these skills in various ways:

  • Problem-solving: Ninja playgrounds often require children to figure out how to navigate various obstacles and challenges. This could be in the form of a climbing wall where children will need to plan how they can reach the top. Providing safe and age-appropriate places for children to flex this skill means, over time, problem-solving can become an innate skill.
  • Forward thinking: Planning your course and movements is a key part of navigating obstacle course playground equipment. Children will naturally struggle with organisation skills and this is entirely developmentally appropriate. Ninja playgrounds can be a great way to incorporate planning skills into children’s daily activities.
  • Adaptability: Ninja playgrounds present unexpected challenges and boundaries that children will need to overcome. Thinking creatively and adapting to new environments will be a skill used throughout their life and allowing them to develop this in a fun way is a great place to start.
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Social activity

Ultimate Ninja playgrounds will usually require some level of collaboration between children. They will need to show empathy and understanding towards other children using the equipment, practice leadership skills in group settings and potentially even engage in healthy competition in the form of races. Building relationships is an important part of social activity for children, and doing so in a healthy but challenging environment can be excellent for their development.

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Ninja playgrounds offer an exciting and new way for children to have fun whilst developing age-appropriate physical and mental skills. The benefits cannot be overstated and, at adventure+, we offer customisable equipment to suit every scale and budget. Contact us online today or call 1300 237 587 for new and exciting playground design ideas.

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