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Early Learning & Day Care Centres Playground Equipment

Early childhood playgrounds not only help children grow stronger and healthier but facilitate critical developmental and social skills. An unstructured play space thoughtfully designed for toddlers allows them to learn at their own pace in a safe environment. As children play, they exercise their imagination while learning patience, persistence, empathy, coping skills, how to share with others and how to express thoughts and ideas.

For over 35 years, adventure+ has worked with kindergartens, preschools, early learning and day care centres to develop exciting and well-designed play equipment made in Australia and customisable to suit your particular space. Below we explore some of our most popular pieces of playground equipment for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Designing Play Equipment for Toddlers and Preschool Age Children

Play equipment for children in early learning and day care centres must often strike the right balance between imaginative, sensory and fine motor skills. Younger children enjoy getting absorbed in imaginary scenarios, such as running a pretend shop, helping them develop vital social, sensory and fine motor skills. Sand, mulch and play equipment with features like shop counters are great ways to incorporate sensory and imaginative play.

While these younger children have limited physical abilities, it’s still important to accommodate active play. This includes physical activity like climbing, balancing and swinging. The key is to design play equipment like slides, swings and monkey bars at the appropriate sizes and height levels to ensure safety while still providing challenges to children.

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At adventure+, we provide a variety of cubbies that support imaginative and sensory play for younger children. This includes the cafe cubby, which features a shop counter and various other play activities on each sidewall. Similar options include the fairy house cubby, shop cubby and castle cubby. Meanwhile, the kinda house play unit offers a quieter, traditional cubby house experience with a stripped back, aesthetically pleasing natural timber design. All our cubby designs are customisable to suit your project.

Combination Play Units

Combination play units incorporate a variety of popular play elements, such as a slide, climbing net, monkey bars, bridges, ramps and activity panels such as Tic Tac Toe panels. Our range includes smaller units such as the Walworth Play Unit to larger ones such as the Fenwick Play Unit.

The beauty of these units is their modular nature, allowing you to swap out play components and customise the layout easily according to your needs, preferences and any space restrictions you have to work with.

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Nest Swings

The Nest Swing is a popular classic in early childhood and preschool playground equipment. The swing seat offers an enjoyable experience for multiple children to swing together on a shared seat. The colour and material of our nest swings can be customised making it another versatile piece of play equipment to add to your early learning or daycare centre.

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