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Promoting social and problem-solving skills

adventure+ proudly promotes social interaction and problem-solving skills with rope outdoor playground equipment. We have been creating amazing playgrounds across Australia for over 40 years, and as a commercial playground equipment supplier, we work with schools, early learning centres, local councils and more. Join us on a journey through the ropes and explore the educational advantages that make them an essential school asset.

Safety with rope equipment

The popularity of rope climbing playground elements has increased due to the improved safety standards in Australia. Our outdoor playground equipment is an example of equipment that is designed to comply with AS 4685:2021 and all other applicable national standards. When children can safely climb and challenge themselves in an outdoor environment, it can provide them with opportunities for personal growth.

Developmental benefits

Another major transformative benefit of rope playgrounds is promoting social interaction and problem-solving skills among students. Rope apparatus contributes to holistic development in educational settings, as climbing challenges make play a valuable tool for fostering teamwork, creativity and cognitive growth in students. Flexible material moves with each climbing motion, offering a constant challenge while improving balance and hand-eye coordination.

How Rope Playgrounds Benefit Students Across Australia2

Designed for high traffic areas

Durable design is one of the other benefits of a rope-centric playground from adventure+. Large web nets and climbing ropes from adventure+ are built for higher foot traffic so more children can play simultaneously. This benefits school socialisation and helps students make memories with their classmates. Plus, this means they have an appropriate outlet for their energy, helping them focus once they return to class.

Wide range of climbing options

Rope climbing is a popular element in school playgrounds, with so many options to choose from, there’s something to suit students of all ages and abilities. Here are some of the top picks for versatile and functional climbing elements:

  • Centre Mast Structures: Challenge children to climb to the top as they navigate narrow ropes and pursue the peaks. This is a great source of physical activity and motor skill development as they grow.
  • Modular Structures: Modular design makes it easy to swap elements in and out, and these rope-climbing structures are no exception. Children will enjoy crossing through tunnels and climbing horizontally to get from one side to the other.
  • Steel Frame Structures: The sturdy, heavy-duty design of steel climbing structures ensures optimal performance. Climbing walls, bars and slides further enhance the experience for active children.

Discover rope playground design

adventure+ designs unique elements to enhance playgrounds for child-approved challenges. You can count on us as your commercial playground equipment supplier, and we would be happy to help with design from start to finish. Get in touch online to discuss climbing ropes and ninja equipment.

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