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How to Win a Playground Grant

Budgeting & Cost

26 Jul 2021

Accessing Available Funding

adventure+ frequently work on projects being supported by multiple streams of funding.

When it comes to commercial playground equipment, playground grants are frequently a part of the funding puzzle and need to be sourced from a wide range of organisations.

If you are looking for funding yourself, then your first point of reference should be the Parliamentary Quick Guide which contains links to both government and private grant providers.

You may also wish to search for existing grants and tips on the application process on this blog:

However, once you have identified suitable grants for your project, how should you proceed?

In this blog we will run through what we consider to be the best approach to grant applications, starting with an assessment of the grant criteria.

Assess the Grant Criteria

Each project manager should carefully work out the criteria of the grant, for example, some grants may be designated to suit a particular type of user or educational purpose, while others may look at eco-sustainability credentials. Ensure that you can present a compelling brief by working out the grant criteria and directing your application toward its key points.

From there, the following steps should be moved through:

  1. Work out what documentation is needed for the application to be valid.
  2. Established whether it’s a shared or co-investment opportunity. Ask whether you will need to contribute some of the funds.
  3. Establish who you should contact to get the necessary documentation to support your application.
  4. Check the dates! It’s amazing how many deadlines are missed because application dates were not noted down. Ensure that there is enough time set aside for a site visit (if needed) and for everyone involved to send you the documentation you need.

Contact a Playground Designer

Grant applications often require a quote and concept plan from a reputable playground supplier who can demonstrate the costs and the overall vision.

You don’t need to get bogged down in the finer details of the playground design just yet. At this point, the quote and concept plan is there to meet the broad grant criteria and, in most cases, will be refined and altered later.

A supplier will usually provide a concept with plans and illustrations to help support your application. Ensure that you receive 3D illustrations and official quotations.

To make this process as smooth as possible, remember to provide your supplier with all the important details of the grant and grant criteria to help them produce an appropriate plan and quotation.

Submit Your Applications

Before you submit your application, have someone else read over your proposal and ask whether you have clearly demonstrated how the playground meets the grant criteria.

Community Grants Hub is a fantastic resource on how to write award winning grant applications.

However, if we had to impart one piece of advice it would be to effectively demonstrate how your concept reflects the key areas on the selection criteria.

You should substantiate any claims with good evidence. For example, for an inclusive playground grant you should point out the features of the playground that make it inclusive. Similarly, if you school lacks quality playground facilities you should provide evidence by the way of photos in your submission.

Next, submit your application on time if not early. Aim to submit your application before the final due date, so you can overcome any technical difficulties or fix any last-minute problems without catastrophe.

Ensure that you follow all the steps in the application and be careful not to miss anything.

A clearly articulated grant proposal that meets the grant criteria, combined with a high-quality concept plan and official quotation from a reputable playground supplier, has the best chance of success.

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