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Making everyone feel welcome

At adventure+, inclusive play is our superpower, ensuring that every child in Australia is given the opportunity to conquer the fun-filled adventures that await.

Inclusive play is about building a playground using commercial play equipment that is as diverse and vibrant as the children who play in them.

Design principles

Designing an inclusive playground takes a masterful blend of creativity, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. We’ve got you covered with some essential playground design principles that will make your playground a haven of inclusivity.


Your inclusive playground will be equipped with commercial play equipment connected by ramps, transfer platforms and wide pathways, ensuring that children who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers can navigate them with ease.

Sensory engagement

An inclusive playground designed by adventure+ will include tactile panels, musical instruments and sensory gardens. These sensory-rich elements create a world where children with sensory sensitivities or impairments can immerse themselves in play. These elements stimulate the senses and offer inclusive play experiences for all.

Inclusive play equipment

Our inclusive swings and carousels with transfer platforms invite children of all abilities to spin together, with seating options that promote cooperation and social interaction.

Inclusive Playgrounds Making Everyone Feel Welcome3

Safety and fall zone considerations

adventure+ know safety is paramount in all playground designs. We’ll ensure your playground equipment has the right safety surfacing, such as rubber or synthetic turf, to cushion those inevitable tumbles. We’ll also design fall zones that prioritise safe movement and accessibility, so children can explore with confidence.

Examples of inclusive play equipment

adventure+ is your go-to for inclusive playground equipment that promotes accessibility and inclusivity. Check out these examples:

Inclusive Swings: Designed with all abilities in mind, these swings accommodate children with varying levels of mobility and feature supportive seating, harnesses and wider seats.

Sensory Play Panels: Interactive panels engage children through tactile, auditory and visual experiences. They’re the perfect playground companions for children with sensory sensitivities, creating a world of inclusive play possibilities.

Accessible Climbing Structures: Incorporating ramps, transfer platforms and adaptive climbing features, our climbing structures allow users to navigate and test their skills. No mountain is too high for these fearless explorers.

Inclusive Playgrounds Making Everyone Feel Welcome2

Promoting inclusivity: Benefits beyond the playground

Inclusive playgrounds are catalysts for change, creating ripples of positivity throughout the broader community. They help to build a society that celebrates diversity, fosters empathy and champions inclusivity. When we design inclusive playgrounds, we’re creating vibrant spaces where children of all abilities can come together to play.

Inclusive Playgrounds Making Everyone Feel Welcome4

Contact us for inclusive playground solutions

If you are passionate about creating inclusive playgrounds that celebrate the abilities of every child, adventure+ has got you covered.

Our expert team is armed with the know-how to guide you through the process of designing and selecting play equipment that’s inclusive and tailor-made for your community.

Get ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure of inclusive playground design by contacting adventure+ online or on 1300 237 587. Let’s create Australian playgrounds where every child feels welcome and can experience the joy of inclusive play.

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