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Introducing Signature Projects


31 Aug 2018

Unique and custom playgrounds

Signature Projects by adventure+ are a range of unique and custom projects tailored to individual requirements. Just like your own fingerprint, these projects are ‘one of a kind’ and include play towers and play units that stand out as landmarks in public and education spaces around Australia.

While adventure+ has an enormous range of equipment that can be selected from the website or catalogue, Signature Projects specialises in turning a dream into a practical, standard compliant and economical play structure. Flexible, custom, unique, special, signature, landmark are all words in our play vocabulary.

Signature Projects by adventure+
Signature Projects by adventure+

We’ve compiled a collection of Signature Projects into a booklet that covers:

  • About Signature Projects
  • Who we work with
  • How we work
  • Case studies
  • Interesting articles
Signature Projects by adventure+
Signature Projects by adventure+

Get your own copy of the Signature Projects booklet by contacting us.

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