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Introducing the Straddle Rocker Range

Perfect for older children

adventure+ is excited to introduce Straddle Rockers to the playground rocker family.

The rocking play experience is something that all ages love, however most traditional rockers can only be used by younger children. But the Straddle Rocker is designed to be ridden from the top, making it the perfect spring rockers for older children between 4 and 7 years old.

Using a rocker is not all just fun and games though! The rocking experience is packed with physical and cognitive benefits. Children engage their upper body and arms extensively when using a rocker, and the rocking motion helps develop a sense of balance and timing.

Australian made & customisable

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the rocker has a durable and attractive design, making it a great addition to any community play space.

You can choose from 4 variants – seal, motorbike, horse and jet ski – and customise the rocker’s colours to match in with other equipment within a playground.

Straddle Rocker Range

View the Straddle Rockers including the tech and spec details. Find a rocker you love and request pricing or customisation options.

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