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Partnering with a Commercial Playground Equipment Supplier

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20 May 2022

Understanding commercial vs domestic playground equipment

Commercial and domestic playgrounds are vastly different. Just as their size, cost, and use all differ, so too does the equipment they require. Commercial playgrounds be anything from a labyrinth of timber play equipment to a rope play structure or fully functional ninja warrior course. Each project brings unique demands, so you want to be sure your supplier has the required expertise to bring your vision to life.

An obvious difference is the setting. Domestic playground equipment typically belongs in backyards, whereas commercial equipment is primarily seen in playgrounds for public use.

Since it is generally only used by one or two children a couple times per week, domestic equipment is constructed for less traffic and use, so is usually less sturdy. Contrastingly, commercial equipment is designed to withstand frequent use by multiple generations of children over many years. Commercial playgrounds have a life span of up to 20 years.

Commercial equipment considers the number and nature of the children who might be on the playground at any given time. For example, in a school setting, the equipment may need to accommodate 40+ children of different ages at once. Also a school playground may be designed differently to a public space playground.

A large cost difference is the natural consequence of commercial playground equipment’s superior construction methods, quality, and size.

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Spotswood Primary School

Who uses commercial play equipment?

Kindergartens and early learning centres often feature commercial play equipment that has been tailored for toddlers’ play experiences. Schools will typically have one to four playgrounds, depending on the size of the school. Playgrounds are also an important consideration for local governments. Local, neighbourhood, and destination parks are all important additions for a healthy and vibrant community. Even tourist parks and commercial venues sometimes rely on playgrounds to keep their visitors occupied.

There are also some less obvious situations that call for commercial playground equipment. Developers often use playgrounds as a drawcard or selling feature at new estates. Council planning regulations often require the inclusion of parks and playgrounds in new developments. Landscape architects will also specify the equipment required when integrating playgrounds into designs for new parks, schools, and estates.

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Nettleton Park

What to look for in a commercial playground supplier

Firstly, make sure your supplier has experience in similar projects. For example, if you are planning a playground for a school, ensure your supplier has expert knowledge on school playgrounds.

Knowledge of playground design is another quality that you should identify in a reputable commercial playground supplier.

You should also expect a thorough and personalised design process, unique to your project. Seek to collaborate with someone who has the care to understand your vision, and the skills to realise it.

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