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What’s New: Playground Equipment for Schools

School playground equipment trends

Outdoor play and playground equipment for children are valued more and more in modern society, and this is reflected in the constant evolution of equipment available in the market. As we learn more about the benefits of free play and how children develop in their early years, many preschools, primary schools and childcare centres are investing in new and improved playground equipment. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards nature-based play, incorporating wooden structures and natural materials into school playground design. Additionally, there’s an increasing focus on inclusive and accessible playground equipment that allows children of all abilities to engage. Here, adventure+ explores the latest improvements and new trends in Australian playground equipment and how they impact children’s experience.

Traditional playgrounds

There are some play components that have been around for many years and, with recent improvements, they can be enjoyed by everyone. The traditional playgrounds that incorporate both platforms and play areas have been an integral part of schools for many years. Much like Lego parts, these new traditional playgrounds are made up of a range of play components, including monkey bars, fireman’s poles, climbing nets, etc. Many playground companies focus on improving these play activities which are making playgrounds more and more interesting. 

What's New Playground Equipment for Schools in Australia2 - Gawler Primary School
Gawler Primary School

Climbing Cubes

In comparison, climbing cubes are a fairly recent addition to the Australian playground scene. They are cube-shaped structures, made of various materials, and can range in size. Climbing cubes typically have a variety of surfaces and features that encourage children to climb walls, ropes, ladders and nets and can incorporate additional playground elements such as slides and funnels. Climbing cubes are designed to provide children with a challenging and engaging playground experience that promotes physical activity and builds strength, balance and coordination.

What's New Playground Equipment for Schools in Australia3 - Glen Osmond Primary School
Glen Osmond Primary School

Ninja Course

Ninja-style play, which involves climbing, jumping, running and balancing, can provide numerous benefits for children in their early years. This type of play has experienced a surge in popularity during the last decade. Ninja courses can improve children’s physical fitness and overall health; requiring children to use their whole body, flexibility and endurance skills to navigate the course. Obstacle-style challenges also incorporate problem-solving skills, strategic thinking and perseverance. Ninja play can be a fun and engaging way for children to be active and explore their physical capabilities. An age-appropriate ninja-style playground is a versatile addition to any playground design and boasts endless benefits for children.

What's New Playground Equipment for Schools in Australia4 - Boneo Primary School
Boneo Primary School

Customised playground equipment

At adventure+, we supply premium playground equipment specially catered to school. We offer customised equipment which is unique and something that no other school would have. We use a range of materials and create a design that suits your budget, special requirements and your site. Whether you want a large playground that stands at 6 metres tall or an obstacle course, we can tailor make a solution that no one else would have. We can help you provide an own personal touch that suits your school.

What's New Playground Equipment for Schools in Australia5 - Gilgai Plains School
Gilgai Plains School

At adventure+, we offer cutting edge school playground design, with customisable options for projects of every scale and budget. If you’re looking for new playground equipment contact us online or call 1300 237 587.

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