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Why Do Local Schools Need Ninja Playground Equipment?

Why Local Schools Need a Ninja Course Playground

Ninja course playgrounds are increasingly popular in schools across Australia.  These obstacle courses combine fitness and fun with a series of sequential structures that test strength, dexterity, balance, motor skills and problem solving. From climbing warped walls to balancing on beams, students can come back to these courses again and again as they challenge themselves to master it.

At adventure+, we offer a range of ninja course playgrounds to schools across Australia catering to children of various ages. Our designs offer a variety of challenges requiring different skills to compete, with options to customise courses to suit your school’s needs.

Why Do Local Schools Need Ninja Playground Equipment2
Arnolds Creek Primary School

Benefits of a Ninja Playground at School

A ninja course playground offers students the opportunity to develop a number of varied skills including:

  • Memory development
  • Motor skills
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Balance
  • Strength development
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Socialisation with others
  • Dexterity
  • Increased overall physical fitness
  • Self-esteem built from having completed the challenge
  • Athletic skills

Ninja courses support a range of activities for students. They can compete with one another to complete the various challenges. Others can use individual components of the course, such as a climbing net, for fun, leisurely play.

Ninja Playground Equipment Builds Confidence

Beyond the physical benefits of ninja playground equipment for schools, ninja play can encourage resilience, persistence and determination. Moving through the levels of obstacles, dealing with setbacks and challenging yourself makes the ninja course engaging for single players and groups of players. These courses also offer students valuable lessons in teamwork, as they work together to complete the course.

When students focus on completing all the challenges in a ninja course playground, the sense of accomplishment they can feel is incredibly valuable for their confidence and self-esteem. Students can also bond by achieving challenges together and encouraging others attempting the course.

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Ballarat Grammer School

Explore Our Ninja Play Equipment for Schools

At adventure+, our range of ninja play equipment for schools can be modified for different skill levels and customised with different components. To get a good flow of activities for the challenges in your course, we suggest that you work with our team to plan out your course, using our standard courses as a starting point. Our courses can be customised for odd shaped sites and slopes.

The activities within our ninja playground equipment can be easily removed or supplemented as required. Customisation of your school’s ninja course allows you to create a design that suits the unique space and any special requirements you have.

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Fairview Park Primary School

Ninja Course Equipment Australia Wide

adventure+ offers 4 different standard varieties of ninja courses Australia wide, along with a host of components to customise your layouts and activities.

They are:

Visit our website to find out more about our ninja courses and the benefits of ninja playground in school.

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