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Australian made playgrounds

When it comes to playgrounds, all eyes are on the final outcome – whether that’s your school board, the council, or the broader community. To get the best result, it pays to choose a local playground company who can ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

Not only is adventure+ Australian owned and operated, but we’re an Australian playground manufacturer with offices all over the country. From timber playgrounds to spinners and steel play towers, we’re proud to manufacture a large range of equipment right here in Melbourne.

Why is partnering with an Australian manufacturer important? Let’s take a look at the big top 6 reasons

Quick Lead Times

One of the most common causes of playground project delays and timeline blow outs is long lead times from overseas products. This means opening your community playground without the key pieces of equipment in place or just delaying the opening date.

Especially in the COVID era, the time taken to ship a product from overseas is lengthy and is typically much longer than if the product was made locally. While overseas playground products can be expedited this typically comes with a heavy price tag.

By selecting Australian made playgrounds you can receive your playground on time, suits your project timeline and ensure that all parties involved in the project are happy with the outcome and process.

Flexible Design

Dealing with a local company allows room for collaboration at the design stage. You’ll really see the benefits of being able to sit down with a supplier over the concept in the outcome.

The playground consultants from adventure+ have a close connection and understanding of manufacturing process so they can offer you flexibility in the playground design.

High Quality

Equipment made by adventure+ in Australia is made to the highest standard. We have direct control over the production of your equipment to ensure everything that leaves our factory is top quality and Standards compliant.

This evidenced by the many playgrounds constructed by adventure+ around 20 years ago that are still standing strong.

We know the local conditions, climate, trends, as well as the Australian Standards so we know what is important  to you and your school and council

Suits Local Climate

The Australian climate is so different from other countries, especially Europe. adventure+ understands the Australian climate and creates equipment to suit, including all materials being used.

This is most important for timber playgrounds. As a natural product, timber is susceptible to warping and cracking if it doesn’t suit the climate. We use White Cypress timber that has greater durability in the Australian climate than many other timbers from overseas.

If you’re looking for a playground that maintains a fresh, new look and has minimal maintenance issues, then working with an Australian Made company is the way forward.

Quick & Easy Spare Parts

If wear and tear or vandalism occurs then you want spare parts and repairs to be easy to come by. You can be sure that an Australian manufacturer will have spare parts in stock or if something needs to be specially manufactured then you won’t have to suffer the same long lead time caused by overseas freight.

Support Local Businesses

When you support a local business, you’re not just engaging one Australian-made company, you’re boosting their whole network of Australian contractors and suppliers as well. In essence, you’re doing a good thing for the entire local economy.

When you work with adventure+ you can be sure that you’re getting a lot more than a playground, you’re supporting Australian families and industry.

Our work doesn’t stop at playgrounds either. We support many worthy community causes and charities, extending benefits to the entire community.

We Take Play Seriously

adventure+ knows playgrounds. 

We work directly with schools, councils, and contractors to bring safe, durable, and engaging playgrounds to life.

Call us today on 1300 237 587 to talk about your next play project.

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