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Customised Playground Equipment for Landscape Architects

Playground equipment for landscape architects

As landscape architects, your goal is to create playground design and architecture that connect communities, generate interest and engagement, and positively display the features and attractions of the local area for everyone to enjoy. A playground with a unique design and landscape architecture can become a local destination, attracting families and tourists from all over. Themes and imaginative concepts create an exciting experience for children and the playground you design will become a focal point for the community -- an inspiring place where kids will visit to play again and again.

Whether you want to upgrade an existing playground’s design and architecture or you're transforming an empty lot into an enjoyable play space, designing a destination playground is easy with adventure+. We'll help you push the limits of conventional playground design and landscape architecture to create an iconic play space for rapidly growing communities. We dedicate ourselves to changing the way communities experience their local parks, creating playgrounds that serve children of all ages and abilities.


Partnering with landscape architects

Children’s playground design and landscape architecture concepts are endless. Whether you want to create an original playground theme by incorporating a variety of styles and materials, or you want to showcase a community's distinct topography or history, adventure+ has the expertise, experience and broad creative range to help you bring your vision to life.

We will work closely together to ensure we achieve the best results for your ideas, needs and goals. Our local playground consultant will guide you through every step of the process, from initial concept up to installation.

Why adventure+?

  • Custom portfolio play spaces:

We can create customised portfolio pieces that deliver unique design aesthetics and functional performance, with minimum-fuss installation and product performance guarantee to fit in with the broader development plan.

  • Choice:

We have all your commercial playground equipment needs covered, from timber playground equipment to rope climbing structures, steel play equipment to outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Australian-made products:

The large majority of our equipment is designed and manufactured here in Australia, using high-quality materials and proven construction methods suited for Australian conditions. Being a local manufacturer means we can provide quick back-up service.

  • Complete service:

We provide a full service, from consultation and interpretation to design, installation and final quality assurance inspections.

the value of playgrounds

Playgrounds facilitate a child's natural desire to run and play but they are more than just "having fun." At adventure+, we understand that the play that happens on a playground supports children's physical health and encourages the growth of their social skills and critical development.

We are also aware that playgrounds aren't just for kids. A playground that features fantastic design and landscape architecture can serve as a backdrop for social gatherings and community activities. It can become a local destination that brings people together, creates a sense of belonging and increases community engagement.

This is why we specially design and engineer our playground equipment to shape a child’s development as well as the community they live in. Together, we can create playground environments that awaken children’s imagination and engage a community.