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Early Learning Swing Sets for Australian Playgrounds

Swinging is a fun, often soothing activity. While having fun is certainly important, swings also provide a huge array of benefits in both physical health and cognitive development. That’s what makes them such an essential inclusion in play spaces at early learning centres.  

At adventure+, we specialise in supplying early learning, kindergarten childcare playground equipment. Whether you need a toddler swing set added to an existing play space or a new, fully customised ELC playground including a kids swing set, our experienced team can help. 

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ELC Swing Sets 

The team at adventure+ has years of experience installing play swing sets and other playground equipment at early learning centres. We’ll design a swing set solution for you that suits your precise needs, whether we need to account for space restrictions or specific design preferences.  

From single nest swings to triple frame and quad frame kids swing sets, there’s a wide range of choices to choose from. Our swing frames feature bearing attachments that can be moved around or removed as required. Choose from a range of seat styles, such as a swing attachment for children with disability and a toddler swing set. 

Why Kids at ELC Should Swing 

Introducing toddlers and young children to the unique swinging motion helps them grow and develop in a huge range of ways, including: 

  • Increasing spatial awareness 
  • Encouraging social interaction and development 
  • Developing gross motor skills and fine motor skills 
  • Building core muscles 
  • Developing balance 
  • Stimulating the vestibular system 

Located deep in the inner ear, the vestibular system is responsible for how we understand our body’s positioning in space and its response to the force of gravity. Toddlers’ brains are at a stage of development that demands plenty of vestibular stimulation. That’s why they love rolling around, jumping, running, climbing and, of course, swinging.  

Note: adventure+ specialises in commercial playground solutions and does not supply equipment for domestic purposes.

ELC and Childcare Playground Equipment in Australia

At adventure+, we work with early learning centres, daycares, kindergartens and preschools to help them design the ideal play spaces for their children with play swing sets and much more. Call our team today on 1300 237 587 or contact us online to find out more.

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