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Nest Swings for Australian Playgrounds

With netted, spider web style seating, a large nest swing offers great play value, allowing children to swing alone for fun or relaxation, or together in groups as part of play or socialising. Today, nest swings are popular for childcare and early learning centres, kindergartens, schools, public parks, businesses and developments.  

Ideal for users of all abilities, nest swings are a durable, versatile, low maintenance piece of playground equipment. At adventure+, we’re the suppliers of nest swings Australia trusts. We can install a nest swing with frame set ups as part of a custom playground design or for a one-off installation. 

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Accessible, Versatile Swing Sets 

Known for being the social swing, nest swings are increasingly popular in playgrounds for their inclusive, versatile nature compared to standard swing sets. The basket style design of the swing seat allows easy access for children to sit, lie or stand while they swing or relax with friends.  

Aside from the fun they provide, nest swings have been shown to boost sensory integration in children. This plays an essential role in cognitive development while helping build motor skills and core strength.  

Developing Movement 

Swinging also helps children develop coordinated movements. They learn by themselves how to swing through practising the motion of moving back and forth. It’s particularly handy for developing the vestibular sense, which provides information about where your body is in space, that is, whether you’re moving or still, how quickly you’re moving and in what direction. 

Vestibular receptors in your inner ear are activated by fluid in the ear canals moving as you move. Your brain detects changes in head position to know how you are moving in relation to gravity. A well-developed vestibular sense is essential for coordination, balance and spatial orientation. The nest swing’s see-through seating also helps children with sensory integration as they can safely see the ground move below them while they play on the swing. 

Note: adventure+ specialises in commercial playground solutions and does not supply equipment for domestic purposes.

The Custom Nest Swing Australia Trusts

Find a large nest swing with low maintenance, self lubricating bearings and heavy duty galvanised chains here at adventure+. We can provide a nest swing with frame set up in various suspension heights as well as a range of different colours and styles. Call 1300 237 587 or contact us online to see how we can help your next playground project.

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Community Swing Frame - Nest Swing

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